“Ever wonder how every time you travel, you rediscover yourself? How every time you travel with friends and family, you unearth newer emotions and equations with your loved ones? How every time there is a marriage, a get-together or an entertaining event you end up feeling rejuvenated? Travelling and social get-togethers are a part and parcel of our life, but we seldom give a thought to the importance of these. We firmly believe in making both these experiences memorable and worth treasuring. We forget that life comes with an expiry date, every moment may be the last. Therefore, you need to live and love life! Make every moment worthwhile! Invest in memories, not in gadgets. Invest in happiness, in togetherness and lastly invest in love. You do all this and leave the rest to us. You utter your wish and desire and we will try our best to make it a reality. Come join hands with us and we guarantee, we will give you the best experience of life as we are fastest & Cheapest India tour packages providers & fastest growing Tour Operators in India."

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About Us

“Aaja Bhai Chaalaa” is a Marwari phrase which means “Let’s go, buddy”. Aaja Bhai Chaalaa in a way informally asks the visitor to accompany it on a journey of his/her choice. It means – Let’s embark on this journey together. The company – also known as ABC Tours & Travels company strives to make your dreams come true when it comes to traveling and visiting places of your interest in Rajasthan.

As our tagline says- A trip to happiness… Safal Yatra…. Sukhad Yatra, we believe that your comfort is our topmost priority. Your safety is of utmost importance to us, so we have invested in one of the best panels of well-behaved and disciplined drivers who not only are responsible drivers but can also double up as tour guides. We can also provide registered senior guides as per your wish and package you choose.

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Mission, Vission & Values

Our mission starts and ends with the word ‘best’. We wish to give the best services, best quality and best experience to our customers. Your safety is our top most priority.

“A TRIP TO HAPPINESS… SAFAL YATRA, SUKHAD YATRA” is our motto and we give our best shot to prove every word of it!

Our Vision relies on excellence… excellence in our services, excellence in your experience with us and excellence in the happiness quotient of our clients. We envision our company to be the top most tours & travels company in the country and make the best services available pan India. We envision a happy and satisfied customer base across the length and breadth of our nation. 

Our Mission, Vision and Values

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